Watch the Taurid Meteor Bathe Tonight

Watch the Taurid Meteor Bathe Tonight

Photograph: Shutterstock

We’re particularly blessed with meteors this month: the Orionids are nonetheless placing on their mild present, and tonight one other, smaller meteor bathe peaks: the Taurids.

The sky needs to be darkish sufficient tonight for good viewing, so long as you’re in an space with out an excessive amount of mild air pollution and the climate is evident. The Taurid meteor bathe doesn’t have very many meteors per hour, however it’s recognized for fireballs—occasional brilliant capturing stars.

Most meteors come from particles the scale of mud or grains of sand that dissipate in our ambiance. The fireballs come from larger particles, the scale of pebbles or marbles. The UK’s Nationwide House Centre factors out that the Taurid meteors come from two sources: “mud grains left behind by
Asteroid 2004 TG10 and particles from Comet 2P Encke.”

To observe the Taurids, look towards the constellation Taurus. Yow will discover it by ranging from Orion (the man with the three stars in his belt) and following the road of the belt upward and to the correct. The meteor bathe will proceed for some time, however one of the best time to observe is tonight after midnight.

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